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For all questions about getting a new young prospect.

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We handle a first come first buy service.

As more and more people reach out to find nice Hunter Jumper Prospects we will establish a new service open for All !

How does it work ?

1 : you have found a really nice Prospect but are unable to fly over to try the horse at a fixed rate.

     We will go out there and will try the horse for you,  all will be documented on video and feedback will be provided .

     We will not add sales commissions !   we will give you a fixed rate as were the horse is located.

2 : you did not yet found the Prospect you are looking for :

     Please let us know what your specific needs are and we will try to match you up with your next Quality horse



Vettings  : Clinical- xr- ultrasound - scope - bloodwork- Cem test - doping test- video service from vettings.

Transport :  We can provide a full service pack including shipment from home stable                                   base till exit quarantine in the US.

Farrier : service before leaving our stable

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